LM1 / LM2 / LMM1 GIA – GTIA XIA – Stainless Steel Level Switches Intrinsic Safety Execution

Type approval certificate ATEX – II 1 G EEx ia IIC T6
Working temperature -30°C to +60°C
Input voltage Vi 30V
Input current Ii 215mA
Max input power Pi 0.75W
Input capacity Ci ~= 0
Input inductance Li ~= 0
Notes Current and power values refer to a single switch connection or to the sum of the whole connected switches
Materials of construction 316 stainless steel
Actuation points LM1 – 1 actuation point N.C./N.O. contactLM2 – 1 actuation point SPDT contactLMM1 – 2 actuation points N.C./N.O. contacts
Mounting GIA – Ø 92 flangeGTIA – G2″ thread connection
Electrical connection DIN 43650 – PG09 – IP65
Max pressure 10 bar
Fluid specific weight ³ 0.7
Fluid viscosity 150 cSt
Size Max possible length 2500mm