EPS01 – Electronic pressure switch with ceramic sensor

 Power supply  24Vcc ±15%
 Current consumption  12mA
 Pressure range  0…2bar; 0…5bar; 0…10bar; 0…20bar; 0…50bar; 0…100bar; 0…200bar
 Pressure indication  Bar
 Burst  pressure  7 bar; 12 bar; 25 bar; 50 bar; 120 bar; 200 bar; 400 bar  (according to the model required)
 Accuracy  ±1,5% fs a 25°C
 Materials of construction  Body: nickel-plated brass  Sensor: piezoresistive ceramic cell Al2O3Seal gasket: NBR
 Protection class  IP65
 Electrical connection  DIN43650
 Pressure port  G1/4 parallel
 Output  1 NPN or PNP Open Collector Output, max 500mA; NO or NC contact
 Temperature  -20°C…+80°C
 Dimensions  30mm wide x 99mm high
 Weight  250 grams
 Certifications  CE
 Harmonized standards  EN 61000-6-3; EN 55022+A1+A2; EN 61000-6-1, EN 61000-4-2+A1+A2; EN 61000-4-3; EN 61000-4-4+A1+A2; EN 61000-4-5+A1; EN 61000-4-6+A1